I propose to you that grace is the only export and commodity that this country has left that isn’t tainted by a history of systemic oppression that has gripped this nation by its throat.

-Lenny Duncan, excerpt “United States of Grace”

Coming May 25th 2021!

Writer. Witness. Agitator.

Lenny is the author of United States of Grace and Dear Church. Born on 62nd and Race in West Philly he now lives in the Pacfic Northwest. Lenny is a nationally reconized writer, speaker, preacher, thinker, and agitator who has centered most of his theological work in the task of dismantling White Supremacy in Christian community. Lenny is just another Black queer writer trying to survive america. He loves hip hop, tattooes, Jesus, liberation, and most likely you.

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“I was informed I was black the way many young children are. With violence.”

-Lenny Duncan, excerpt “United Stattes of Grace”